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Kaksi 12″ Vox Alnico Blue kaiutinta (Celestion).

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First introduced to the US market in April 2005, the AC-30CC2X was the AC-30 model that had, at that time, the most accurate “Beatle tone.” The all tube, 30 watt amp also featured a baltic birch enclosure with all the Vox cosmetic touches: basket weave vinhyde, brown Vox diamond grill (or fret) cloth, gold piping. gold plated logo, gold grill molding, white grill piping, three Vox handles, and eight black plastic two pin corners.

 The AC30CC2X utilized two 12″ Vox Alnico Blue speakers, by Celestion. These are the same speakers that George and John used in their AC-30 amps in 1964. If “Beatle tone” is what you are after, it lives in a top boosted AC-30 with Vox Blue Alnicos, like the AC30CC2X.

VOXSHOWROOM: Click here to read about the circuitry and all the electronic features of the AC30CC2X.

The only difference between the AC30CC2 and AC30CC2X is the speakers.

A two button VF002 foot switch was included with this amp to actuate the reverb and tremolo.

Vox discontinued the AC30CC2X in January, 2010.

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