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The Andante V2 line of active, light-weight moulded speakers strikes the best balance between portability, sound and versatility, and even exceeds its predecessor by adding higher driver efficiency and improved amplifier cooling for extreme ruggedness. The stylish and sturdy Polypropylene (PP) cabinet offers fully recessed controls and connections for extended damage avoidance, and features a 35mm pole mount on its bottom and stacking points on its top. An in-built 4-channel mixer with master volume and EQ, multiple source connection options, and a unique stereo link mode crosses the border between an active speaker and a portable PA system, making the Andante V2 one of the most versatile choices available. The redesigned precision transducers and the hybrid power amp provide a real punch; all included in one compact package, available in three form factors. Whether it be conference, event, or presentation: this speaker will serve all your needs.


  • 15’’/400W low frequency transducer with 2.5’’ voice coil
  • 1’’/25W high frequency compression driver with polyester diaphragm
  • 345W (EIA) / 250W (RMS) class D amplifier for low frequency transducer
  • 40W RMS class AB amplifier for high frequency driver
  • Frequency response 50Hz-20kHz
  • SPL 126dB
  • Dispersion 120°x60°
  • Dimensions 467*708*407.5mm WxHxD
  • Weight 19.75 kg

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