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The “In-Bell” clarinet stand is extremely small and compact. 5 stable die-cast feet ensure excellent stability and sturdiness. Thanks to the patented and easy to operate screw-in system the feet can be conveniently stored in the peg. The short peg completely fits into the bell of the clarinet making it easy for transport in all common instrument cases.

  • Base diameter: 196 mm
  • Height: 130 mm
  • Leg construction: leg base screwable
  • Material: plastic peg, zinc die-cast legs
  • Number of legs: 5 pieces
  • Special features: detachable metal leg base screws into the peg, so that the entire unit can be stored in the bell of the instrument and making the transport in all instrument cases easy
  • Suitable for A and B clarinets
  • Weight: 0.149 kg

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