KÄYTETTY Korg 168RC SoundLink DRS Recording Console

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The Korg 168RC is a 16-channel mixer with 24-inputs, 8-bus architecture with four auxiliary buses (two internal and two external). It possesses a 24-bit internal digital signal path for extraordinary signal integrity and bandwidth. Internally, the 168RC boasts two discrete stereo digital effects processors, 12 channels of 3-band EQ with parametric mid-band. It has internal snap-shot automation and full, real-time automation via a MIDI sequencer. Additionally, each and every parameter of the 168RC can be saved to user preset locations and archived or loaded via MIDI. Physically it has 12 ultra-smooth faders, a dual 12-segment LED meter to augment the large 240×64 graphical display and a control room monitor section plus separate headphone control.


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