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The timeless silhouette that inspired the design of the VPJ280 Relic needs no introduction: the characteristic double scalloped design that guarantees excellent access to the last few frets, combined with two single pickups and a 4-bridge bridge/cordier block, represent a more than sufficient visual signature. This classic configuration has been taken up by Italian manufacturer Eko to make the VPJ280 Relic an attractive, versatile and ergonomic electric bass with a very vintage look!

Quality lutherie.

Despite its most affordable price point, the VPJ280 Relic’s luthiery has received the utmost attention in order to offer bassists new to the instrument an attractive and very well finished bass. The body, made from Paulownia to offer lightness and strength, is highlighted by a satin varnish. The sturdy and comfortable 4-point maple screw neck is topped with a South American roupanà fingerboard bringing clarity and warmth to the snap of the Paulownia and maple.

A versatile setup.

On the electronics side, the VPJ280 Relic is equipped with 2 single-coil P- and J-type pickups with a familiar layout, much appreciated for their versatility. They’re great for warm, clean sounds, but can also be very biting and percussive when combined with a powerful distortion. To expand the sonic possibilities, a volume for each pickup and a general tone control allow you to mix the characters of the different pickups and adjust their brightness. The bridge/cordial block incorporates independently adjustable bridges to best adjust the action and harmonics of each string and ensure effective sustain.


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