Behringer NR100 Noise Reducer


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Ultimate Noise Reduction Effects Pedal
Product Features


So you love the bite, twang and snap of single-coil pickups, but can’t stand the nasty hum that comes along for the ride. Plug into the BEHRINGER NOISE REDUCER NR100 and kiss unwanted noise goodbye for good!


Dynamic Duo


The NR100 actually functions as two pedals in one. In Reduction mode, you can adjust the dedicated Threshold and Decay dials to keep all your tone and dynamics intact, but effectively eliminate hum from the picture. In Mute mode, the NR100 becomes a super-quiet on/off switch for your instrument.


Ease of Use


Operation couldn’t be easier. The NR100 features two LEDs—one to indicate when it’s activated, another to indicate when it’s suppressing noise. You can power this hum killer with a 9 V battery or our PSU-SB DC power supply (not included). And the top-quality on/off switch maintains absolutely noise-free operation.

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