Mapex T561A rumputuoli


Rumputuoli, jossa 13 x 2,5″ istuintyyny. Kaksinkertaiset jalat. Korkeudensäätö kierteellä.

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The T561A throne is a solid upgrade for young players needing something a little better than an entry-level throne but don’t have the budget to step up too far. Its 13” x 2.5” round top base provides a larger platform than the T270A and it has a threaded steel spindle height adjustment, a feature normally found on much more expensive models.This spinning height adjustment makes minor height changes quick and easy.

The medium diameter of the 13” x 2.5” round seat makes it easy to pack inside the hardware bag or with a drum in a case. The 44,5cm to 55,9cm height range with steel spindle adjustment works for a wide variety of player sizes and ages and is easy to use.The double-braced legs with slip-proof rubber feet provide durability and stability.

  • 13” Wide x 2.5” Thick Round Cushioned Seat
  • Soft but Durable Vinyl Covering
  • 44,5cm to 55,9cm Steel Spindle Height Adjustment
  • Double-Braced Quad Legs
  • Slip-Proof Rubber Feet

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