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The Showtec ColorCue series are an evolution of current technology. Because of the LED evolution, the ColorCue series are perfect to control LED fixtures up to 6 colours. An easy setup menu patches White/ RGB/ RGBW/ RGBA till RGBWA-UV fixtures to be controlled. The pre-programmed colours and chases on the ColorCue 1 and 2 will get you started within a minute. These 2 little ones are the perfect starters. And for the more demanding operators, the Colorcue 3 & 4 offer plenty of options and memories to organize and store their own colours and chases.The Showtec ColorCue 1 is an intelligent 1-fader LED DMX controller with 6 channels for easilly controling the light output of LED fixtures with up to 6 colours (RGBWA-UV), suitable for any venue. Its 6 rotary encoders enable you to quickly tune the lights to your desired color, from 3-colour RGB to 6-colour RGBWA-UV. The ColorCue 1 enables you to create your own 12 preset colours and you can choose between 12 fixed colours. You can create up to 12 programs (chases) with each up to 99 steps for changing colours and effects in a loop. The chases can be controlled in Manual, Auto run or Sound-controlled mode.

  • Intelligent 1-fader LED DMX controller
  • Suitable for 3 to 6 colour LEDs
  • 12 fixed and 12 user colours
  • 12 fixed and 12 user chases with up to 99 steps
  • Manual, Auto run and Sound-controlled mode
  • Dimmer and strobe control


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