Showtec Cameleon Flood 15Q4


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The Showtec Cameleon Flood 15 Q4 is a 15 x 5 watt RGBW LED Flood with IP65 rating, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It has a 40° fixed beam angle and features 0-100 % dimmer and 0-15 Hz strobe effects, perfectly suitable for colour mixing on stage. The Cameleon Flood 15 Q4 can be controlled manually, via DMX, Master/Slave and IR Remote in either Manual and Auto run mode with many available built-in programs. It comes with a dedicated IP65 power connector and clamp. An infrared remote is optional.

  • 15 x 5 W RGBW LED Flood
  • Suitable for colour mixing on stage
  • IP65 (dust and water resistant, fit for outdoor use)
  • 40° fixed beam angle
  • Dimmer and strobe function
  • Manual, DMX, IR and Master/Slave control
  • Clamp and IP65 power connector included

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